Monday, July 17, 2017

This mixed six is half Hardywood, half Final Gravity.

Venus Rising is an imperial IPA from Final Gravity. It pours slightly hazy, orange/yellow. Lots of foam. Aroma is lemons and buttered bread. The front of the tongue is mild, but the hops come in big and bright on the finish. More lemons and a little bit of garlic. Very good.

I really like Final Gravity's Doppler Effect imperial IPA. I love the contrast between the bready, slightly sweet malt on the aroma and the piercing, fruit/citrus hops all over the back end of the flavor. The beer pours slightly hazy yellow with average to light foam. the aroma has that buttery, malty quality, and it’s there on the flavor, too. But the finish is lemon and tropical fruit notes, melon and mango. Just a great balance that makes this a remarkable IPA.

Irish Goodbye is a very big version of a dry Irish stout from Final Gravity. It pours opaque dark brown with a slight, tan, creamy head, There is an aroma of licorice, espresso, and some herbal notes. The flavor is really smooth... I’d never have guessed this beer was a little more than 8% ABV. It hides the alcohol behind a ton of roasted malt flavor, and a little sweet coffee character. Creamy mouthfeel. This is the best dry Irish stout I’ve had in a really long time.

Mamaw's Mean Cobbler is a Belgian Tripel with peaches, spices, and other ancillary ingredients by Hardywood. I like this a lot more than their basic peach tripel. The added spices and sweetness make it a delicious dessert beer, as the name implies. It pours a creamy orange color with average foam. The aroma is sweet and fruity, with vanilla and cinnamon as strong presences. On the flavor I think I detect nutmeg, too, although that isn’t listed on the label. The rich lactose sugar and spices, peach flavor and malt are all tied together with a little hop kick at the end. The ABV is undetectable. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Savor X is a collaborative Baltic Porter by Hardywood and New Belgium. It's rich and strong and has a notably hearty finish. This beer pours very dark brown with very little head. The aroma is malt, bakers chocolate and coffee liqueur. The flavor is a great mingling of that coffee/chocolate thing, but the coffee character dominates, especially on the finish. As strong as this is, I never got sick of it.

Berliner Weiss is becoming one of my favorite summertime brews. I enjoy it for it's easy-drinking low alcohol content and the sharp tartness that makes it such a distinct beer. Hardywood's Berliner Weiss is not a particularly inventive version of the style, it's a classic take, played right down the middle. And it's a huge success in that regard. This beer is hazy, pale yellow with a thin rim of foam. Lemon and salt are all over the aroma, with a little sweet, banana-like character in the background. The flavor is really tart front to back, and the finish is bright and clean. A perfect beverage for campfires, picnic tables, and fireflies.

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