Friday, April 14, 2017

The Osprey 10K was held at Smith Mountain Lake State Park in Huddleston on  April 8, 2017.  It was my thirty-second race since June of 2015. I'm not sure where it falls with regard to how many 10K races I have run, and I'm just too lazy to count. I haven't run very many of 10K's, I'm sure of that, in spite of the fact that I usually run them fairly well. A 10K is a tough distance ... you have to run hard to be able to compete, but it's difficult to really run hard for 6.2 miles. About six miles is what I run for my daily workout, and I typically run that distance in 50 or 52 minutes. But I knew that in order to finish well at this race, I'd need to run a little faster than that. I went into the race well rested, well fueled, and ready to run. It actually went pretty well.

I managed to finish third place overall, with a final time just under 47 minutes. I feel certain right now that that's just about as fast as I will ever run a 10K. I got close to the front early and managed to stay right behind the leader until the half way mark. Half way through the race, a better runner got around me and I dropped back to third place. But I was able to hold on to third and I finished generally satisfied with my time and my performance.

I'm not sure yet what my May race is going to be. Right now I'm primarily concerned with the marathon I have registered for in June. I'm trying to train for that race, with the modest goal of finishing in anything less than four hours. My May race will ultimately just be another training run toward the June marathon.

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