Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mixed six pack, Evil Twin Brewing edition.

I think Evil Twin must have a corporate policy that three out of every four of their beers has to have an in-joke as a name. That's bound to be the case with Ryan And The Beaster Bunny, a saison that pours cloudy yellow with a lot of foam that fades to nothing quickly. The aroma is grassy hops, lemon, spice, egg malt, bread grains and cream. The flavor has those notes, with a dry, tight finish. Not bad.

Evil Twin's Wet Dream is a complex brown ale with a lot going on. I had it on tap, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Throughout the glass, new notes continued showing up on the nose and the tongue, and I never quite felt like I’d totally figured this beer out. It pours copper/brown with average head and average carbonation. The aroma combines honey, coffee, citrus, mint, a little bit of nutmeg... and the flavor is at turns sweet, rich, and sometimes bitter. A little bit of boozy vapor and coffee comes through in the finish. Really nice beer.

Retro IPA is mild, with a downplayed hop profile and not a lot to recommend it. But if you’re just getting interested in the style, or not a fan of huge hop-bombs, this might be for you. It pours a medium yellow with a fair amount of foam. The aroma is a mild cereal malt and a little bit of floral/grassy hops. The flavor is the same, with a slight lemon zest tone on the finish. Not awful. Not Evil Twin's best, either. Not by a long shot.

Even More Jesus is an imperial Russian stout, and I love it with all my heart. It is so good. It’s soooo good. And now that it’s out in sixteen ounce cans, EMJ is just about perfect. This imperial pours jet black from the can with a huge mountain of chocolate cream brown head. The aroma is very rich, strong, bitter baker’s chocolate and a little coffee. The flavor is huge on that rich, bitter, very strong roasted malt/chocolate thing. Relentlessly so. Coffee, a little herb kick, and a strong, bitter roasted finish. The big ABV is only a ghost on the aftertaste. Ranks with Ten Fidy and Undead Party Crasher and my other favorite imperial stouts. In four-packs of sixteen ounce cans, it's available in my area at a great price. I doubt I'll see a more attractive beer package this year.

Aun Mas A Jesus is, I suppose, an Evil Twin variant of Even More Jesus... but, if I'm honest, I have to admit that I don't know which recipe came first. This beer is not as good as Even More Jesus, but it is still outstanding. It pours completely black with no foam, and the aroma is bitter chocolate, chicory, coffee, burnt malts. The flavor is the same, but a little muted compared to EMJ. A little alcohol on the finish.

I Love You With My Stout is, for sure, an EMJ variant. It says so on the label. This one is leaner, with a lot more boozy/alcohol character and not as much complexity. ILYWMS pours black with average head, the aroma is anise, very bitter, burnt roasted malt, some alcohol. Malty up front on the tongue, but the finish has enough strong alcohol character to almost be medicinal, at least in comparison to the far better EMJ.

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