Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Six more beer reviews.

I've liked the four varieties I've had of Samuel Adams Rebel IPA, including Cascade. Cascade hops aren't my favorite hops, but I do enjoy beers that feature them. This one pours dark amber with average head. The aroma is dank and floral, and the flavor is a somewhat muted version of the aroma. It’s a very slightly west coast version of Rebel. I always think that beers that feature Centennial hops arre both brighter and more dank, and have a bigger west coast punch. But this particular Cascade showcase ain't chopped liver.

Troegs Solid Sender Pale Ale is very light, lemony pale ale. It pours bright, clear yellow with a lot of head. The aroma is tart citrus and a little bit of pine/floral hop quality. Bright and citrus up front on the flavor, mildly bitter in the finish. This beer is OK.

Bells Oatsmobile Session Ale is decent, as session ales go. It pours cloudy orange without much foam. The aroma is mild but rich and slightly sweet. The flavor is the same, with a little hop twist at the end.

Blue Mountain's A Hopwork Orange pours orange with a lot of sudsy head. The flavor isn’t very strong. A little bit of grassy hops, a little bit of orange, nothing aggressive. The flavor isn’t strong, either, which surprised me. I’d almost expected an artificial, orange-candy kind of quality. Instead, this is a dry but mild, hoppy beer with a little bit of orange on the finish. This is pretty good.

New Holland's Pilgram's Dole is one of the smoothest, most easy drinking high-ABV barley wines I’ve ever had. And it's one of the very best beers I’ve had from New Holland. It pours brown with a very little bit of foam. The aroma is caramel, cereal malts, light peach notes, and some spice. The flavor is incredibly smooth. The bourbon barrel aging comes through bright and clear, adding vanilla to all of the character present on the aroma. The 12% ABV is an afterthought in the flavor. This thing could be a real trouble maker on tap.

Ninkasi Tricerahops Imperial IPA pours hazy orange, the brief head is gone very quickly. The aroma is really good. Citrus, specifically pineapple, mingle with a really rich smelling, buttery, sweet malt. The flavor is strong and complex. Rich malt, sweet candied fruit notes (but not too sweet), and then a big blast of hops on the finish. Tasty.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Six more beer reviews.

Dead Rise is a summer ale brewed by Flying Dog. It's spiced with Old Bay. I had no interest in trying this when I was accidentally served it by a waiter who misunderstood my order. I liked it enough that I finished it at the restaurant, and bought it again in a bottle to review. It is decent on tap but not as good from the bottle. It pours cloudy orange with a fair amount of foam, and the old bay is present on the aroma. I remember a fresh, lemony finish on the flavor on tap that isn’t really there fro the bottle. From the bottle the Old Bay is stronger, but really comes off as an indistinct pepper/spice quality.

The Truth is Flying Dog's imperial IPA. It pours very clear amber with average carbonation and lots of foam. The aroma is pungent, dank hops and rich notes like buttered popcorn. The flavor is very strong, dank, and bitter. Slightly warm malt up front, finishing with a huge, sticky rush of hops. A little alcohol vapor at the end. Delicious.

Total Domination is an IPA by Ninkasi Brewing. This beer is a cloudy orange without much head. The aroma is citrus, a little bit of popcorn, some floral notes. The flavor is a little too acerbic. Bitter, but in a vaguely metallic way. Got a little better as it warmed.

Stone's Mocha IPA isn’t the best thing I’ve had from Stone, but it’s OK. It pours very clear, dark orange. The foam is average. The aroma is caramel, sweet potatoes, honey, citrus. The flavor is rich and creamy and chocolaty up front, kinda like a Three Musketeers bar. The finish is slightly bitter hops with a little bit of bite.

Odis, by O'Connor Brewing is a dry Irish stout. It isn’t terrible. It’s OK. It pours chocolate brown, the average head leaves a lot of lace. The aroma is a little bit of spice, cloves, a caramel/chocolate malt in the background. The flavor is mild. A bit of coffee on the close. Watery mouthfeel. I’ve had far worse beer than this.

Left Hand Brewing Company's Sawtooth Nitro pours dark amber with little foam. The aroma is a very, very, very mild. I honestly can’t come up with anything to say about the aroma. The flavor is mild, too. Like a very heavily diluted English bitter. Creamy mouthfeel. Meh.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Here's six.

Troegs Jovial is a little bit plain for a dubbel, dubbels being my favorite Abbey style. This beer pours a medium brown with huge foam that leaves lots of lace. The aroma is apples, spices, caramel malt, and the usual yeasty Belgian thing. Those notes hit the front of the tongue, but the finish is pretty thin.

Troegs LaGrave pours very cloudy, peach/yellow with a lot of foam. This beer smells like a tripel ought to smell; pears, bananas, strong yeast, herbs, grass. The flavor is slightly boozy and smooth, but a little medicinal on the finish. Not my favorite Abbey tripel.

I don't know why Green Flash (a great brewery) brewed something as pointless as Sea To Sea Lager. This beer pours clear yellow, lots of foam, average carbonation. The aroma is mild cereal malt. The flavor is mild, clean, just an insinuation of hops on the finish. It doesn’t taste bad, but if it did taste bad, I guess at least it would taste like something.

Narragansett Lager Beer kinda sucks. On the up side, I guess it would keep you from dying of thirst for a few minutes, because basically, this is water. It doesn’t have a bad taste, or a bad aroma. It just doesn’t have any taste or aroma. It makes me realize I was probably too hard on that Green Flash lager above. This pours very bright yellow with a loud, crackly head and lots of carbonation. It doesn't smell like anything. It doesn't taste like anything. Literally. It smells and tastes like nothing.

Sho Nuff is a Belgian by Against The Grain Brewery. This beer is the weakest thing I’ve had from these guys. I've enjoyed their other beers, but this one is bland. It isn’t completely awful, but it really isn’t very good. It pours amber color with average head. The aroma is mild malt and vegetables. Cabbage or something. The flavor is watery and then up front and closes with another note of that vegetable thing. Peas or cabbage or whatever. Just, I mean ... damn. What is this?

Rapadou is an imperial Porter by Alewerks. It pours very dark brown without much foam. The unrefined Haitian sugar is strong on the presence, and has a caramel/molasses quality. It’s there on the flavor, too, along with really rich, dark malts. Pecan and brown sugar notes, a little bit of cloves. Really very good. Rich, full, complex. A big, rewarding beer. Thank you, Alewerks. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Six reviews.

Avery's Twenty Third Anniversary Ale pours dark brown, not much foam. The aroma is kind of complex, sweet and tart at once. Roasted malt, some citrus, red wine vinegar, apples. It doesn’t taste as interesting or as strong as the aroma lead to me to expect. There’s a slightly warm malt up front and a slightly (very slightly) sour finish, but it is all very understated. My palate may just not be delicate enough to appreciate this.

Sixpoint's Puff is an unfiltered version of Resin, their already resiny double IPA. The beer is cloudy yellow-orange with not much foam. The aroma is grapefruit and floral hops, a big pine resin thing, too. The flavor is really bitter hops through and through, with a sticky, dense mouthfeel. Some hint of the ABV comes through on the finish. Aggressive. Dank. Tasty. My palate might not be tuned precise for delicate beers, but this kind of punch-in-the-face hits me just right.

Flying Dog's Tropical Bitch is sort of an IPA/Belgian hybrid. It pours a golden/orange color with about an average amount of foam. The aroma is like a Belgian, with bananas and yeasty esters, and a little bit of grapefruit. The fruity notes from the aroma aren’t very strong on the tongue. The finish is dry, and it isn’t bad, but it isn’t anything special.

Against The Grain's brown ale is called The Brown Note. It's medium brown with average head. The aroma is sweet malt, some caramel, some cocoa, a little bit of spice. The flavor is sweet but not overly sweet. Notes of candied nuts and a little coffee, and a slightly hoppy finish. I enjoyed this beer.

Fullsteam bills Cack-A-Lacky as a ginger pale ale. This beer is only slightly cloudy amber with average foam. I can pick up on the ginger in the aroma, but it isn’t overwhelming. I’d expected an artificial, maybe even overbearing ginger kind of thing, but it isn’t bad at all. Hell, it smells good. It doesn’t taste as good. The ginger dominates the flavor front to back, and especially gets too forward on the finish. The flavor surprised me, because it smells really good, but there's just too much ginger on the tongue. I won’t have it again.

Cockadoodle Brew is a coffee ale by Parkway Brewing. It pours bright orange, with average head and carbonation. The aroma is similar to a Belgian; slightly sweet, bananas and citrus. The flavor is pretty good. I can actually taste the coffee, which I didn’t really expect. The coffee notes give the beer a slightly nutty, rich quality. Not bad.