Monday, May 9, 2016

Six more, if you want 'em.

Maine Beer Company's Mean Old Tom is not a strikingly different stout, but it's a good one. This beer pours dark brown to black with thin, lacy head. The aroma is coffee and deeply roasted malt. Strong coffee on the flavor. If the vanilla is there at all, it’s subtle. It isn’t sweet, but it is rich and tasty. Creamy mouthfeel.

Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA is sweet and very citrus-tasting. It's also beautiful looking. It pours a very bright, clear amber with a lot of foam. The aroma is tangerines, cereal, honey, some alcohol. The flavor is juicy and bright. A lot of floral and candied citrus, sharp and bitter finish, and a hint of the 9+ ABV.

Against The Grain Brewery's 35K Stout is a rich, sweet stout that works great as a dessert beer. It's dark brown, there isn’t a lot of foam. The aroma is like a chocolate candy sampler box. Caramel, chocolate, cream, walnuts, and other sweet notes. The flavor is as sweet as beer can get without being too sweet for my palate. All of that chocolate and candied character is present atop a rich, smooth, delicious malt. I like this beer very much. Maybe my taste in sweet beer is changing, I'm enjoying the sweeter ones a lot more these days than I used to.

Lower De Boom is a very strong barley wine by 21st Amendment. It's sold in eight ounce cans, which feels about right for something that drinks more like booze than beer. Lower De Boom pours a dark amber/copper color with foam that fades to nothing quickly. The aroma is sweet and strong. Honey and molasses on the nose and on the tongue. The flavor is very boozy and warm. The finish is a smooth, smokey, and sweet, with cloves and a little bit of pepper.

O'Connor's Heavy Footer is a double IPA. This beer pours cloudy orange with lots of foam that hangs around. The aroma is musty with citrus and floral qualities. Not a lot on the front of the tongue, but the finish is dry and somewhat dense, with some sweet malt. Not bad.

Abita's Shotgun Double IPA is cloudy orange, with average carbonation and a good bit of head. It smells a little better than it tastes, but it doesn’t taste bad. The aroma is juicy and bright, I picked up on pineapples and something floral. The pineapple isn’t really there in the taste. The finish is a little like corn, but not really in a bad way.

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