Thursday, May 26, 2016

Six more, and back to the regular, truly mixed format.

Samuel Adams Grapefruit Rebel IPA is the best Samuel Adams IPA I’ve had, and I actually do like Samuel Adams more than not. This beer pours a hazy yellow, the head is average and it hangs around for a while. The aroma is grapefruit, and the flavor is grapefruit, too. Which is good, if you like grapefruit, and I do. The finish of the flavor is bitter and bright.

I had a growler full of Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown Ale, a coffee-infused beer, and I loved it. It pours dark brown, the head fades from average to short fairly quickly. The aroma is really wonderful. Chocolate and caramel, walnuts, espresso, some spice. The flavor is even better. Really rich, really smooth. A great coffee character, with more of those notes from the aroma. Warm, rich, slightly sweet, just delicious. This is fantastic beer.

Heavy Seas TropiCannon IPA is pretty awful. It tastes like every imaginable artificial citrus candy has been combined into one over-the-top, overdone mess. It pours orange with average head and carbonation. The aroma is like Halls vitamin C drops. The flavor is the same, only more synthetic and less appetizing. The finish is particularly bad, like cough medicine and grapefruit juice mixed with a little bit of grain alcohol. We ha dinner at Heavy Seas Taphouse in DC earlier this month... I got a flight and then just started ordering pints, and I cannot remember everything I tried. But every one of them, literally every single beer I tasted, was better than this.

Champion's Black Me Stout tastes great. It pours black with very little head. The aroma is coffee, anise, rich malt. The flavor is the same. Slightly thin mouthfeel, with a little bit of hops kicking in on the finish, but that heavily roasted malt dominates everything. And it's just fine.

Founders Mosaic Promise IPA is a simple but really tasty beer with incredible balance. It pours cloudy, pale orange with a fair amount of foam. The aroma is all kinds of citrus. Lemon, grapefruit, etc. The flavor is all of that hop action atop a really smooth, rich, mellow malt. Plenty of both. Really tasty stuff.

Flying Dog's barley wine, called Horn Dog, pours a deep, copper brown with very little foam. The aroma is lots of sweet stuff; honey, vanilla, molasses, pecans. The flavor is really rich and sweet. All of the sweet notes from the aroma are right up front, and then there’s a tingle from the hops at the end. One of the better Flying Dog beers I’ve had.

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