Monday, July 13, 2015

I am not in the target demographic for Evil Twin's Bikini Beer, an ultra-light IPA. So I tried to keep that in mind and review it objectively. It doesn't suck. In fact, this is far better tasting beer than I’d have expected, given that there’s just nothing in the can. Bikini Beer pours light yellow, with heavy carbonation and a fairly foamy head. The aroma is a little like sweet cornbread, there is some citrus hop in the smell, too. The flavor is dry, which is just amazing for a 2.7% ABV beer. There are noticeable pine hops, too. The finish is as clean as pure water, but the fact that there is anything at all to taste in this thing amazes me. I won't have it again, I drank it out of curiosity. It isn't my kind of thing, but it isn't bad.

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