Monday, June 22, 2015

Victory bills Moving Parts as an "ever evolving" IPA, and promise to tweak the ingredients within the recipe so that no two batches are quite the same. It may be their answer to Stone's Enjoy By IPA series, which I think I notice subtle differences in every time a new iteration comes out. (The current batch of Enjoy By, as of this writing, is 07/04/15, and it's the best I've had from that series yet. But I'm off topic.)

My bottle of Moving Parts was from Batch 01, and it was a little too old in terms of IPA ideal freshness. Nonetheless, it's still a decent beer, and I enjoyed it. Moving Parts poured a light, golden color with light head. The aroma is pine, white grape juice, a little bit of lemon. The flavor is bright and dry. Citrus up front, then a sharp finish and a little bit of lemon candy on the exhale. I'll try a bottle from another batch if I find one, and as good as this one was, I won't even worry much about freshness. And the relatively low calorie count for a 7+% ABV IPA is a nice bonus. (Just under 400 calories for the whole double-deuce.)

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