Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sierra Nevada can just about do no wrong. I'm not usually crazy about spiced stouts, but this one could change that. Rain Check does not overplay the spice at all, it's a really rich and strong stout with a spice kick on the back end that gives it a little something extra to set it apart. It pours jet black, there isn't a lot of head. The spices in the aroma are fairly strong up front, and I was worried that the flavor would be overwrought. It isn't at all. The flavor is just right. The rich, roasted malt on the front of the tongue goes down really smooth, and on the finish the spices hit. It isn't overly strong, just kind of an insinuation of allspice, ginger, a little anise, a little bit of tea. It's there on the exhale, it's unavoidable but not overwhelming at all, just this extra bit of spicy, herbal character that sets this beer apart. Narwhal, SN's best stout, is better than this ... but not by much. I'm almost always tired of spiced beers before I finish the glass, but I could drink this one all night.

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