Friday, June 19, 2015

Most people have a co-worker, or a cousin, or a friend, who is a mountain of a man... some behemoth who towers over everyone else with imposing, sun-blocking presence, and is yet a real sweetheart. Very commonly, that guy's ironic nickname is "Tiny." That's what's going on with Weyerbacher's Belgian-style Imperial Stout of the same name.

Tiny is a big, bold, damned strong stout, and it's as sweet, smooth, and rich as it is massive. Tiny pours jet black, there's hardly any foam at all. The aroma is like liquor; strong notes of fruit and sugar and molasses. That's what hits up front in the flavor, and as it warms, coffee and hearty, nutty bread notes show up, too. At almost 12% ABV, you'd expect the alcohol to be big in the flavor. It is. That's fine. A slow sipping stout is just right now and then, and Weyerbacher's Tiny was just right tonight.

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