Saturday, June 13, 2015

I was surprised to realize recently that I had not reviewed Stone's Smoked Porter, but I shouldn't have been. This is not my favorite Stone beer by a long shot, and certainly not my favorite example of the style. Having said that, I can't say it isn't enjoyable. This porter pours chocolate brown with an average splotchy head, average lace and low carbonation. The aroma is smoky malt, coffee, some caramel. The flavor is hoppier than many porters, the malt is more reserved (this is, after all, Stone). The coffee and chocolate mentioned on the label come through in the finish. I like porters for rich, semi-sweet malt. My very favorite porter remains Sierra Nevada's year-round release. I like Stone beers for big, hostile hops. This is neither a great porter, nor a great Stone Brewing beer, but it isn't bad.

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