Monday, May 25, 2015

Great Divide brews some damn fine beer, and their Old Ruffian barley wine is sturdy and complex. I like it a lot. It pours a deep red/brown, almost a burgundy color, with not much foam. The aroma is subdued, this beer doesn't play it's cards up front. I picked up on a little sweet malt and yeast and not much else on the nose. The flavor is delicious. It's mellow and sweet first, with caramel and oak on the front of the tongue, then the back end is all about pop and tingle. The hops come through on the finish and their is a little burn, with some citrus and grassy notes. The caramel comes back for an encore on the exhale, along with the unavoidable ABV (just over 10%). Barley wine has replaced stout as the power player style for most of my favorite breweries, and Great Divide has a real headliner in this one.

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