Friday, May 15, 2015

Ballast Point continues to seriously impress me. Dorado is a damn serious double IPA. It pours a slightly hazy gold color, the head leaves lots of lace in the glass. The aroma is similar to Sculpin; clean with lemon and cantaloupe notes, but with more alcohol vapor than that single IPA. The hops hit the tongue like a sledgehammer. Very bitter, very dense. The hops are all I pick up on until the very last, when the smooth malt comes through, followed by some pineapple and caramel quality. The last of that sip leaves lemongrass and more boozy vapor in the nose. Wow, really nice.

What the hell is going on in San Diego? Green Flash, Stone, and Ballast Point are all out there just nailing home-run after home-run. Must be something in the water.

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