Friday, April 24, 2015

Evil Twin comes up with some great beer, and gives it some of the strangest, most pretentious names in the craft industry. For instance, this porter: Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top. The price is as highfalutin as the name, too. But it certainly is good beer. IBBNPPwaCoT pours opaque brown, the head is dark tan but very brief and quickly evaporates to almost no foam at all. The aroma is strong, rich, roasted coffee; some sweet chocolate, some warm, boozy malt. The flavor is roasted malt and coffee. I don’t pick up on sour cherries at all, but something is definitely offsetting the rich chocolate in the aroma. Maybe the cherries are doing that. Regardless, this stuff tastes good, and the 11.5% ABV is entirely smothered in the malt. I won't buy this again, there are other porters that taste just this good for a lot less money. But I certainly enjoyed this bottle. My girlfriend, who usually prefers sweeter beer, liked it, too.

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