Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Merry Plantation House was built in 1820 and originally occupied by it's first owner, Dr. James Merry and his family. Over the course of the next hundred years, the Merry Plantation property was held by a series of private and commercial owners. The Gleason family, who owned a great deal of land in the Low Moor area, were the last to live at Merry House. It has been unoccupied since at least the 1940's.

Today, Merry House stands (if you can call this standing) in a state of extreme disrepair, overcome by forest and forgotten. If this site isn't haunted, it seems like a waste of a golden opportunity.

I walked to Merry House this week and took these pictures. Counter to the impression these pictures may create, the house isn't particularly isolated or hard to find. It's just down the hill and around a hundred yards through the woods near the local elementary school. The last picture in this gallery is a satellite image I pulled off the of the internet, it shows just how close this house is to the modern world. "Close to the modern world" in terms of physical location, I mean. In terms of the feeling it conjures, and the overall aesthetic of the ruin, visiting Merry House is like traveling to a different dimension entirely.

A friend at work first told me about this location several months ago. I've wanted to go and take pictures ever since, but I'd been putting it off so I could use my days off for longer, more substantial hikes. At the moment. longer hikes are ruled out under doctors' orders, and this past Monday seemed like the day to investigate some local history. You can click any of these pics for bigger versions.

All of the information I've found about Merry House on the internet is at the local newspaper's website.

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