Thursday, February 5, 2015

Green Flash is one of my favorite breweries, and they're especially good at big hops. Their Imperial IPA deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as their other exceptional beers, such as Palate Wrecker and Hop Head Red. This is a very bitter, very juicy, strong IPA. It pours a full, rich, orange-gold color, with a medium, creamy head and average lace. The aroma is citrus, candied pineapple, grass, buttery malt... this is what west coast double IPAs smell like when they smell really good. The flavor is strong and tangy up front, and on the swallow there is a very bitter flood of hops. As hoppy as this is, I’d still call it well balanced because of how different the front end is from the back. Damn, what a good beer. Green Flash is a brewery that can sell me anything at least once, because when they're good, they're great. This beer is great.

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