Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nebuchadnezzar, a double IPA by the Swedish brewery Omnipollo, is the best beer I have had in a year. This is everything I hope for in an IPA, and it compares favorably to Green Flash's Palate Wrecker and my favorite Stone Brewery offerings. Nebuchadnezzar pours a somewhat hazy tangerine color with a lot of foam. The aroma is very strong, pungent citrus. Pineapple. Lemongrass. The aroma indicates no real balance in the flavor, and the taste is blissfully, brutally bitter. There is a little bit of cereal malt on the front of the tongue, but it doesn't last long. Sledgehammer herbal and citrus hops hit on the swallow, and the bitter twist in the finish is clean and bright. Not the first hint of the 8.5% IPA in the bouquet or on the tongue. This is as imperial as imperial gets.

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