Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm continuing to hike at Douthat State Park. The internet has a fair amount of information about Douthat, if you do a little googling. But there isn't a lot that's aimed at people who are who new to hiking. So I put together a Facebook page with fairly detailed information about the hikes I've been making, and about the trail network as I discover it. I'm updating that page with information about the scope of each new hike, such as the following:

I'm not sure what you see just above. Sometimes the code works like I want it to, and you see pictures and a map and notes about my most recent hike. Other times it doesn't and you just see a link. If that is the case and you click that link, you should see the pictures. I take pictures on each hike and upload them with maps and notes. Each hike gets it's own photo album on the Facebook page. While I continue to be fixated on Douthat, I will post pictures and updates to that Facebook page. I might link here as well, but probably won't post each hike at the blog.

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