Friday, September 26, 2014

TODAY'S STATS: 6.31 miles, 1 hour, 46 minutes. Jackson River Scenic Trail, Petticoat to Smith Bridge, and the Smith Bridge area

This walk is actually from earlier this week, I'm a little late posting the pictures. The JRST is really my favorite place to walk. I've done a fair amount of traveling this summer and had opportunities to walk in a few different, beautiful areas. But I always come back to this trail, which is practically in my own back yard. The trail is wide and clear, and gravel-lined. The scenery is beautiful and varied. As you travel this section of trail, you walk along the river, past some gorgeous views, and through a few rural, residential areas. Even on an overcast day like this one was, the walk is really pretty. I've walked this trail quite a bit this year, and if I go long without a walk, I begin to miss it.

First, the stats for this walk:

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The walking is paying off. As of today I've lost about 25 pounds in just under three months. Granted, I am walking a little bit obsessively these days, and I expect the weight loss to slow down dramatically once the cold weather hits.

I took quite a few pictures during this walk. Panoramics first:

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