Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TODAY'S STATS: 3.84 miles in an hour and forty minutes. Roaring Run Furnace hiking trails

There are several hiking trails accessible from the Roaring Run Furnace parking area. Today I stayed on the Roaring Run Loop Trail, which isn't a really long trail. But it's so beautiful that I hiked the whole thing twice and took a lot of pictures. Some of the trail is fairly difficult. Well, it was difficult for an out-of-shape old guy with a bum knee. But, man, it's gorgeous out there. And it was a beautiful day. My knee was really mad at me by the time I got back around to the car, but I don't regret that second time around at all.

I took quite a few panoramic shots, and these four turned out to be the best. You can click any of these photos to see larger versions:

The history and use of the old iron oven is explained a bit by the sign directly in front of it:

And the furnace itself is well worth a look.

The loop trail splits as you get closer to the waterfall. To the left you can proceed to the waterfall, or take the trail to the right through the woods back toward the parking lot. The path that leads to the fall is full of stairs (both natural and man-made). Experienced hikers might not have struggled with this part of the trail at all, but I could tell I was getting some exercise. The trail is well maintained and almost as beautiful as the stream and wilderness around it.

The full set of pictures is here. I'll end this post, and maybe most constitutional posts, with a link back to the post that explains why I'm doing this and what I hope to achieve.

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