Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I didn't want to post today's walk stuff at my public blog because the map generated by the MapMyWalk app included my own house. I felt a little weird about posting a map to my house on a public blog where anyone can see it. You never know when some psycho is gonna stumble across it and say "Hey, a fat, bad redneck! I like to kill and eat fat, bald rednecks! ROADTRIP!"

Really, it could happen. I hear it happens in Florida every other day.

Today I walked to the campus of a nearby community college, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College. I took a few panoramic pictures on the way there, and around the campus, and they came out really well. I figured they were worth sharing. The panoramic camera on the iPhone 5 is absolutely my favorite new feature. You can click this link to load the set of six panoramics, and click each one to see a bigger version. To see them in their full size, right click and choose to open in a new tab.

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