Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I've had to re-rate Epic's Big Bad Baptist so many times. This beer is so complex, so demanding, that I can never quite decide what I think of it. This is a bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout, which is brewed with coffee and chocolate nibs. So, right away, it has an edge as per my palate. 3B is sometimes my favorite beer of all time, but now and then it gets knocked down a peg or two by a new breath-taker.

Tonight, I had a bottle of Release 3, which has about 2.5 years of age on it. It's perfect. Absolutely stellar. It is as good as, and arguably better than, KBC or Bourbon County. I admit, I've never had the patience to age KBC or Bourbon County like I aged this bottle. It's a little easier to age something if I know I can get a new bottle fairly easily. Nonetheless, with a few years of age on it, 3B is every bit as good as the legendary American stouts I mentioned above. Get a bottle of this and forget about it for a while. When you allow yourself to remember it, it will prove itself to have been worth the wait.

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