Friday, May 9, 2014

Sierra Nevada has found their way into the black IPA thing with their usual authority. Is Blindfold their first black IPA? I think it is. I read that the recipe was born of beer camp, which is no surprise. Look, I know a lot of my fellow beer geeks are tired of black IPAs, but I'm not. This is the style that won me over to big hops in the first place. Beers like Wookey Jack and Sublimely Self Righteous were game changers for me in a huge way.

Blindfold pours charcoal colored with a gigantic head. The aroma is smokey and rich, but not too rich. This is still an IPA, and the taste plays the hops card in a big way. The front end is pine and citrus. It reminds me of Torpedo, Sierra Nevada's classic IPA, and one of my favorites. But the finish washes the mouth with big, burnt, dark malts. A little coffee, a little dark bread, and then a bright finish. The 6.8% ABV was only nominal in the flavor, until I burped and was like, aaahhh, there's the alcohol. I enjoyed the hell out of this beer and I will buy it again. God bless Sierra Nevada. We should all be writing love sonnets to this amazing brewery.

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