Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kasteel Tripel Belgian Ale is a bitch-slap for the nose and tongue. It pours amber yellow with no head. The aroma is spicy and dense. Oranges and malt and spice and a lot of alcohol all jammed in there together. The flavor is more of that. I thought this thing was really hot; the 11% ABV is right up front. Kasteel Tripel is a bit sweet, but mostly boozy. Hotter than the hinges of hell, in fact. It's not my favorite tripel. Not bad, don't get me wrong. But this thing makes me realize how sweet my favorite tripels tend to be. And that makes me realize that I don't know my own palate as well as I think I do. I go around saying I don't like overly sweet beer, but I suppose I'd rather have a beer sweet-talk me a little rather than bend me over during the get-to-know-ya phase.

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