Sunday, May 11, 2014

Here’s something that doesn’t happen often. Stone has released a limited run beer that I don’t really care for. Sprocket Bier pours dark brown and has an average head that leaves some tan lace. The aroma is really subtle. Muted, even. I picked up on a little bit of indistinct malt and not much more. This thing is watery on the tongue at first, and then the finish is pretty bad. It tastes kinda like someone hopped some old, stale coffee. I don’t like this beer.

Last year wasn't a good year for me and Stone. I thought that the Suede porter collaboration was cloying and I got tired of W00tstout pretty quick. This year, Stone has underwhelmed me with their "session IPA," and now this specialty beer. I hope they're gonna step up with an amazing 18th anniversary ale later this year.

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