Monday, April 7, 2014

I had Wild Wolf's Blonde Honey Ale on tap at Buffalo Wild Wings with lunch today. It was a really hazy, lemon yellow with an average to large, foamy head. The aroma was a lot like a Belgian; so much so that while I was drinking it, I was sure I was drinking a Belgian style ale ( says it's actually a golden ale). There is a lot of fruity, slightly spicy tones. Bananas. Malt. A little citrus. But the flavor was really, really sweet. I thought it tasted far sweeter than the aroma implied. Typically, overly sweet beers aren’t my thing. But this brew was the perfect foil for my mango-habanero wings. I don’t know that I’d buy this beer to drink on it’s own, at home. But I’ll have it again when I go back to B-Dubs.

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