Friday, April 25, 2014

Devil's Backbone's Striped Bass Pale Ale is a little off. It isn't just the name, either, which I think is uncomfortably close to a popular old import. There's also something in the taste that isn't quite right.

From the can, this ale pours a very bright, clear, pale amber. There is a little head and a lot of crackling carbonation. Grassy, musty hops in the nose. The flavor isn't great. Not bad, but not great. Slightly sweet at the front, then tart hops in the finish. Unfortunately there is also something metallic in the finish. Sulfuric, maybe. Maybe it's because this beer was out of a can, but I doubt it. That aftertaste wasn't just in my head, though, I'm sure. There is something in the close here that I didn't enjoy.

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