Friday, April 18, 2014

By reviewing Jim Beam Bourbon, I'm more or less just padding the blog. But I do drink it, so I may as well review it.

It's good for shots. That's about all. And that's all I use it for. Shots aren't something I drink for pleasure, either. I only do shots medicinally. A couple of shots help me sleep at night, and I hate to waste a really good whiskey on shots. If it's good, I'd rather sit and sip it and enjoy it. Doing shots with Maker's Mark seems like throwing money down the drain.

Jim Beam tastes minty and ... well, appropriately medicinal ... if I sit and sip it. It's not much more fun than sipping NyQuil. But if you keep it ice cold (and I do), it isn't bad for shots. Tip up the shot glass and knock it back quickly, and the aftertaste has a vague caramel quality. It isn't bad, there's no grimace, no eyes watering... just a little burn, a little caramel, a little vapor on the exhale, and you're done. Repeat as needed and curl up for, hopefully, a decent night's sleep.

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