Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blue Mountain Brewing's Evil 8° is brewed in the Abbey Dubbel style, but really is unique. Here's what the brewer says about it:
Brewed in the Belgian Abbey style using caramelized biscuit malt, Goldings hops and a unique strain of brewer’s yeast. 19.3° Plato, 50 IBUs and 7.7% alcohol by volume.

the beer pours chocolate brown with an average head/lace. The aroma has this spicy, sarsaparilla thing. Root beer and apple butter show up in the nose. More candy notes in the flavor. Molasses, horehound, biscuits ... flavors I associate with Granny's kitchen. The close is a really mellow, rich malt. Most dubbels are, to my taste, dominated by a similar yeast. Not this one. Blue Mountain doesn't seem to have been that worried about reverence with this beer. I like that.

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