Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Green Flash's Green Bullet Triple IPA is a very well balanced IPA, given its high ABV and aggressive hop profile. It's a crystal amber color with an average head and fair amount of lace. The aroma is really outstanding. The best thing about this beer is getting a nose full of that aroma. Lots of floral and citrus, with something that reminded me very specifically of dehydrated pineapple, one of my favorite snacks. That is in the flavor, too, but it's more muted there. The hops are grassy and crisp on the tongue, and the malt is sweet and rich. Nice, strong, bitter blast in the finish, too; this is a true triple. The 10% ABV is a subtle component of the taste. This beer doesn't pound you over the head with alcohol. I am not in love with Green Bullet after one bottle, but I may come to feel differently as I work my way through this four-pack.

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