Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I was torn going into this, not even sure how I wanted to feel about W00tstout, Stone's collaboration with Will Wheaton and the founder of fark.com. I love Stone, particularly their IPAs. I also love fark.com, but I fucking hate Will Wheaton. I think he is one of the two or three most annoying, tedious things on the internet. I hate how his godamn smug, effete, doughy mug pops up everywhere. Will Wheaton is everything that is wrong with geek culture.

This whole collaboration smacks of novelty, and I hate to see Stone apparently concentrate as much on marketing and trend-setting as they do on recipes and brewing.

But once I got past my bias and sampled this thing objectively, I found a pretty good stout. It's brewed with pecans and rye, and partially aged in oak (or something), and whatever their doing is working. It pours glossy and thin, not much of a head, medium carbonation. The aroma is muted, but the taste is good. It is a bit like Stone's Imperial Russian without the anise/smoky aftertaste. The pecans come through more strongly for me than the rye. I didn't pick up on rye at all. All things considered, I'll buy this again... one bottle to age and another to have sooner.

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