Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm now up to three movies that I've seen in theaters and not reviewed at this blog. I'll write full on, brief reviews for each of them this week while I can still remember them. I promise. I managed to sit through The Wolverine yesterday, in spite of the desperate need I felt to get the hell out of that theater and stop watching that awful, shit movie. Earlier this year I also saw World War Z and This Is The End and I thought both of them were decent fun that more or less lived up to my slightly sub-par expectations. No complaints with either of them, they both both sailed cleanly over the very low bar I'd set for them. The Wolverine, on the other hand, ran face first into that bar, grabbed it, uprooted it, and used to destroy sporadic plot points that wouldn't have even served the film that well if they'd been left unmolested. It was such an unforgivable mess of a film. I may write reviews of any of these movies later, if the mood strikes me.

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  1. If you enjoyed World War Z you probably shouldn't write a review. You would only be wrong. TO paraphrase my friend "why was Tyler Durden trying to save ginger Gollum and those two girls from the extras from The Walking Dead"?