Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Belgium's Lips of Faith Super Cru is kind of a weird variation of Fat Tire. I don't think I'd want it often, but it's not bad. It pours a deep orange/tea color with not much head, and the brief suds don't hang around. The aroma is pears and malt. The flavor is like Fat Tire but with a Belgian yeast and pear juice, which is exactly what this beer is in the first place. The pears and Belgian yeast work together well; for my money, Belgian yeast is fruity, anyway. So this combination is fine. And the extra hops give it a little bit of a tingle at the end that reminds me of a Belgian style IPA. But something here ain't entirely right. I think it's the malt-forward Fat Tire thing that seems to be competing with everything else. Somewhere along the line this thing passes "complex" and becomes just hyper active. I didn't enjoy the second half of this bottle as much as the first.

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