Sunday, May 12, 2013

Williamsburg Alewerks Cafe Royale is a bourbon barrel aged coffee stout, and there's really nothing wrong with it. Pours deep brown with absolutely no head. This thing is flat. The aroma is OK. It's the mingling of bourbon, coffee and chocolate malt I expected. The flavor is alright, too. Very sweet. Big chocolate, but not bitter chocolate like I like. Just a really sweet, syrupy chocolate. Coffee and bourbon and a little hint of hops. Look, I'm just gonna say it... this is a trendy, hipster beer, and it's alright, but it isn't worth the money or the trouble of finding it. This is the kind of thing that could end up turning the craft beer thing into a bubble. There's just no need for this. It tastes pretty good, but there are a whole damn bunch of other, cheaper stouts that taste pretty good, too. Old Rasputin is FAR better than this, it's available everywhere, and it's half the price. Anything that costs this much and is this hard to find better be outstanding. Cafe Royale is nothing special, and it's somewhat limited availability and high price do not make it any more enjoyable.

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