Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weyerbacher's Insanity is my new favorite barley wine. Great God, this is good beer. The body is an inviting, thick-looking, creamy brown, and the head fades quickly and leaves little lace. The aroma is sweet and rich. Notes of honey and booze. The flavor is just freaking outstanding. The big presence is vanilla. I’ve had vanilla bean beer that didn't have this much vanilla. Bourbon barrel stouts don’t bring the vanilla out of the oak aging as well as this barley wine does. This is like a french vanilla milkshake level vanilla. Just incredibly rich and smooth. There is also boozy, malty, bready stuff going on, too. It’s rare that a beer this sweet appeals to me as much as this one does, but damn. Sweet and rich doesn't get better than this. This is a fine, fine beer, and easily the best thing I’ve had from Weyerbacher.

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