Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lagunitas Lucky 13 is a strong red ale that's worthy of serving alongside Oskar Blues G'Night and Stone's Bastard series. I mean, this is a damn fine, complex, rewarding beer. It pours a clear but deep amber, and the head is only a finger or so but there's a lot of continuous lace. The smell is inviting; spicy and dry with warm ginger and caramel notes, and the flavor is even better than that. The front of the sip floods my mouth with a slightly sweet, rich, mellow malt that finishes with hoppy burn and some kick from the ABV. There are all kinds of tasty notes that weave in and out of the flavor, like graham crackers, walnuts, buttered bread... God, this is drinkable. I hate to say it, but it might be more drinkable than my beloved Arrogant Bastard. If nothing else, this stuff is certainly a great introduction to the Strong American/Imperial Red style, because it's so classically strong but also so damn chuggable. Lagunitas has been knocking me out lately. Ever since Sucks, last year's Christmas beer, every new brew they've popped out has been a winner. This is one more.

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