Friday, April 26, 2013

This evening I made it to the tap room at Apocalypse Ale Works and finally got to try Lustful Maiden, their Belgian Dubbel. It was an education. To my sophomoric palate, this Belgian is more like a quad. It's a really big, full, rich, lush beer that just demands full attention. The aroma grabbed me even before I raised the glass of fire-brick brown ale to my nose. There is a lot of spice in the smell; cloves and coriander and some nutmeg, and a big malt. The flavor is complex in the best way. All of the aroma's promises are forward in the flavor, and as my glass warmed I picked up on citrus and something like milk-chocolate, too. I absolutely loved this beer, and while the Hop-pocalypse Imperial Red is still my personal favorite beer from Apocalypse, I would be unwilling to argue with anyone who felt that this was the brewery's best beverage yet.

Just IMHO, Apocalypse is arguably turning out the best beer made in Virginia. Their stout and their wheat beer are fine, but this Belgian is outstanding, and their Hop-pocalypse Imperial Red Ale is one of the two or three best new beers I've had in 2013. If you find yourself within 50 miles of Lynchburg, Virginia, and if you're a craft beer fan, the Apocalypse tap room is a must.

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