Thursday, April 25, 2013

AB's acquisition of Goose Island might be the biggest tragedy in the modern beer industry. Goose Island's name, in and of itself, no longer means anything. There are still good beers coming out with the Goose Island name; quality beers brewed in Chicago in controlled batches. But the Goose Island label now also shows up on bottles of mass-produced AB garbage. For instance, there's 312 Wheat Beer, which is awful. It has a lot of crackle and fizz while being poured, and it's basically a very standard, yellow fizzy beer with a foamy head. There’s really no aroma. Not much of a taste, either. A bit of wheat malt and a slightly sweet aftertaste. This watery swill should not be marketed as a product from the same brewery that produces Bourbon County stout and Pepe Nero saison.

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