Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old Dominion's Morning Glory Espresso Stout isn't as good as the pin-up art on the label implies. I enjoyed this at first, but it grew overly sweet by the end of the glass. The body is jet black with no real head and the aroma is strongly coffee and chocolate and a little vanilla. There’s a slightly boozy quality to the smell, too. The flavor is strong chocolate, and it’s very sweet, but by the end it was far too sweet and kind of artificial tasting. I liked the first half of the bottle a lot, though.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Foothills Hoppyum IPA is pretty good. The color is hazy orange, there's a medium, brief head. The aroma is a little muted, but the hops are there. They're stronger in the taste. Darn strong, in fact, with a bitter, piney, west coast hops burn that never offers anything surprising but never gets old, either.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Heavy Seas Black Cannon black IPA is a pretty good beer, if not a particularly complex or demanding one. It's coal black with an average head and lacing, and there's a little bit of licorice and rye in the aroma. The flavor hits you with the hops up front, but they're fairly mild. There's some coffee malt in the finish. It's a clean beer. No big finish, not a lot of aftertaste. It isn't bad but it isn't gonna be a favorite.

Friday, April 26, 2013

I've been curious about HeBrew's Messiah Nut Brown Ale since a G+ pal recommended it a few days ago, so I grabbed a bottle when I saw it today. This stuff is really tasty. It pours a dark, burnt sienna color with only a slight head. The aroma has a hazelnut, caramel quality. There's also a bit of maple in the aroma that comes out when you raise the glass. The flavor is rich and warm and full, there's a lot of caramel malt and some walnut notes, and some hops in the finish. I liked this, it's the best beer I've had from the brewery and a damn fine nut brown.

This evening I made it to the tap room at Apocalypse Ale Works and finally got to try Lustful Maiden, their Belgian Dubbel. It was an education. To my sophomoric palate, this Belgian is more like a quad. It's a really big, full, rich, lush beer that just demands full attention. The aroma grabbed me even before I raised the glass of fire-brick brown ale to my nose. There is a lot of spice in the smell; cloves and coriander and some nutmeg, and a big malt. The flavor is complex in the best way. All of the aroma's promises are forward in the flavor, and as my glass warmed I picked up on citrus and something like milk-chocolate, too. I absolutely loved this beer, and while the Hop-pocalypse Imperial Red is still my personal favorite beer from Apocalypse, I would be unwilling to argue with anyone who felt that this was the brewery's best beverage yet.

Just IMHO, Apocalypse is arguably turning out the best beer made in Virginia. Their stout and their wheat beer are fine, but this Belgian is outstanding, and their Hop-pocalypse Imperial Red Ale is one of the two or three best new beers I've had in 2013. If you find yourself within 50 miles of Lynchburg, Virginia, and if you're a craft beer fan, the Apocalypse tap room is a must.
My son and I had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings today and I finally got around to trying Golden Censor, the wheat beer from Apocalypse Ale Works. It's a clear copper color with a foamy white head, and this stuff smells really malty. The flavor is really malty, too. Rich and strong. There’s a slightly sweet, apple note on the finish, but it never gets overly sweet at all. And the hops are a little more aggressive than many wheat beers, which is a very good thing. The IRA is still my favorite Apocalypse Ale Works offering, but this is a fine session beer, and it's delicious with a basket of wings.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

AB's acquisition of Goose Island might be the biggest tragedy in the modern beer industry. Goose Island's name, in and of itself, no longer means anything. There are still good beers coming out with the Goose Island name; quality beers brewed in Chicago in controlled batches. But the Goose Island label now also shows up on bottles of mass-produced AB garbage. For instance, there's 312 Wheat Beer, which is awful. It has a lot of crackle and fizz while being poured, and it's basically a very standard, yellow fizzy beer with a foamy head. There’s really no aroma. Not much of a taste, either. A bit of wheat malt and a slightly sweet aftertaste. This watery swill should not be marketed as a product from the same brewery that produces Bourbon County stout and Pepe Nero saison.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This is an attempts to make up for an initial, less than glowing G+ review of Roanoke Railhouse IPA. I still don't love it, but this is a better IPA than I initially thought. It's a bright, clear amber with an average head that leaves a lot of lace. Grassy hops in the aroma, and the flavor is citrus, floral/grassy hops, and a little bit of a butterscotch kind of malt. This IPA isn't on par with my favorites. It isn't gonna knock Stone's offerings, or the best stuff from Lagunitas, Avery and Hoppin' Frog, off of my personal top shelf. But it is a good IPA and deserved a better review than my first one. Another issue is that since I reviewed this the first time I've become a big fan of the style in general, so YMMV.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Last night we saw, and enjoyed, 42, the biopic about Jackie Robinson. Robinson, of course, was the legendary first black player in major league baseball, and a man who changed the world by simply doing what came naturally. 42 presents Robinson as a man of tremendous strength and patience. It's possible that Robinson's personal merit is overstated for the film, but this is one of those instances where the legend really is more important than the man. Jackie Robinson changed the world by simply providing it an opportunity to change. He was the right man at the right time, and his career represents one of very few instances where the world became a better place because a man simply played a game, and played it well.

42 is a formula movie in many ways, but that in and of itself doesn't make this a bad film. It's a baseball movie, and like most baseball films, it follows a team as they actually become a team and not just a collection of individuals over the course of a season. It's a 1940's period piece, with the usual grand photography and music that makes the age seem somehow majestic and otherworldly. And it's a movie about a savior figure, a man who suffered for the sins of others. That's a fair amount of balls to keep in the air at once, and it's a credit to director Brian Helgeland that he pulled it off. It's a credit to the writers and actors, too. The script is somewhat predictable, but not at all cliched. Racism is presented for what it is, combined ignorance and fear. Those are things that can be corrected. 42 shows us people who are, in many instances, racist simply because they'd not had a chance to learn.

Chadwick Boseman plays Robinson well, as a charismatic and engaging young athlete who's patience is sometimes tested by the behavior of those around him. During the movie I was struck by how much Boseman looked like a young Keith David. In the movie's closing credits, when pictures of the real Jackie Robinson were on the screen, I realized that he also looks quite a bit like the man he was portraying. Harrison Ford was also good as Branch Rickey, the team owner who was determined to end segregation in major league baseball. Other performances were strong as well, especially Lucas Black as hall of famer Pee Wee Reese and Alan Tudyk as a bigoted Phillies manager who provides some hateful villainy at a time when the movie needs it.

There's nothing wrong with following a formula if you do it well. It's like baking a cake according to a strict recipe. If the ingredients are high quality and the cook is careful, you can end up with a cake that's not surprising or original, but is still delicious. 42 is well worth seeing. And take your kids, too. There is a lot here to talk about afterwards.

(A note about the trailer. This movie trailer features anachronistic rap music, and I'd been afraid that it would be featured in the movie, too. It isn't. And I was glad. I can put up with certain kinds of stylistic departure, but when a movie features music that is jarringly and gratingly out of place, it just ruins it for me. The rap music here is apparently intended to get modern young people interested in the movie. Thankfully, the movie itself features a very traditional score full of orchestral music that swells to highlight emotional scenes and is otherwise non period specific.)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I wasn't wild about Blue Mountain Brewery's Dark Hollow Bourbon Barrel Stout the first time I tried it. But I've had it recommended several times since, and allowing for changing taste and batch variations, I decided to try it again. I liked it more this time, but it still won't quite join the list of my favorite bourbon barrel stouts just yet. The bourbon/vanilla is strong in the aroma, more so than my review from last year mentions. There's a richer and more inviting flavor than I remember, too. Dark chocolate and coffee notes are background qualities, with the oak/bourbon/vanilla right in the foreground and strong in the finish. This stuff is tastier than I remember, and the big bottle went down pretty easily. Given the 10% ABV, that drinkability isn't necessarily your friend.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dayman Coffee IPA is a collaboration between between Stone, Aleman, and Two Brothers Breweries, and it's an unusual beer. Deep, clear amber in color with a rich aroma that imparts some coffee and hops. The flavor is something really unusual. Entirely unique. There is a strong IPA character, citrus hops over top of the malt. The coffee qualities are strongest in the finish. The exhale here is very much like the exhale after a good cup of coffee. The aftertaste and the mouthfeel are very much like what I enjoy about coffee. Whereas coffee and espresso stouts often have a rich coffee flavor, this thing has more of a coffee feel. I don't know that it's something I'd want often, but I enjoyed this bottle.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Six Point's Bengali Tiger IPA is alright. It's cloudy orange with a fairly creamy, head. Fair amount of lace. The aroma isn’t assertive, but you can pick up on the malt. The smell is not all hops without a foundation, there’s a rich malt in the there, even if it isn’t assertive. The flavor is very balanced. Smooth, bready malt with a citrus hop that dominates the finish. It’s pretty good, but only pretty good, and there are quite a few very good IPAs out there these days.

I had something really special at Blue 5 tonight... Stone's Arrogant Bastard ale, firkin conditioned in the cask with mint and coriander and some extra dry hopping. It was a little less carbonated than usual Arrogant Bastard, but it was delicious. The mint wasn't really present to my palate, but I did pick up on the coriander and I really noticed the dry hopping. This beer had a lot of kick, a lot of extra in the exhale, and I hope this won't turn out to be the last one I ever have.

Stone's Cali-Belgique is probably the most balanced and best Belgian style IPA I’ve had. The malt and the big hops are both present and big in the flavor, and the harmony is perfect. Neither is competing for attention, neither is too much or too little. It’s distinctly Belgian Abbey in the malt character and distinctly a stone IPA in terms of big, aggressive hops. The hops are strong in the aroma but mostly a presence on the exhale after the swallow. The malt dominates the sip, and it’s malty and delicious. This is very much a Stone IPA, but the Belgian character is unmistakable. Stone does no wrong.

Some notes on a flight of beer we sampled tonight at Blue 5:

To the left is some sort of apple/raspberry hard cider that we tried mostly out of curiosity because neither of us had ever bothered to try hard cider before. It tasted like candy. We didn't even finish it, and I didn't bother making note of the name or the maker.

Second from left is Abita's Purple Haze, which was lame. That's the right word: lame. It had a slightly sweet smell, but there was hardly any flavor at all. Watery. Too crisp. A bit of an artificial, jello-like sweetness was kinda floating around on the roof of the mouth, but mostly it was boring. Kay said something like "OK, fine, whatever."

Then came Dogfish Head's ApriHop, which is an apricot flavored beer. It has sort of a creamy sweet aroma , and the flavor was clean with a slightly tart, mildly alcohol-forward finish. I thought this was boring. Kay was as bored with it as I was.

Lastly, Clown Shoe's Brown Angel, which I thought smelled kind of malty and sweet, and which I thought had a pretty good, rich flavor. Based on one sip. But I never got another sip because Kay never gave it back to me. I'll have to order this again so I can add it to my official ratebeer.com reviews at another time. Kay loved this beer, she said it was warm and kind of vanilla flavored, and after her first sip the little glass never came back to my side of the table. The big, big upside of this is that brown ale isn't a style I gravitate to, but if this Clown Shoes brew is any indication  it's one Kay enjoys. So it gives us a style to explore together.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I spent an hour or so tonight talking to a co-worker who is a really good guy, but a fairly liberal Democrat. I think he'd pretty contently describe himself that way. I like working with this guy but we generally avoid the topic of politics, I think because we've assumed that we'd not agree on much.

Well, tonight we somehow mellowed a bit and started talking about political matters. Everything from gun control to nationalized health care, to taxes and gay marriage and speed limits, etc. Just everything. And, turns out, we pretty much agree on damn near all of it. There are areas here and there were we don't agree on what the best possible solution to a given problem might be, but even in those areas we agree on the problems themselves, and we share the same motives with regard to why those problems ought to be solved.

And, this is the thing. This is why it matters. The two-party, Republican vs. Democrat system is set up to keep me and this guy at odds (at worst) or simply not talking (at best). We're supposed to assume that we have nothing in common and cannot see eye to eye, so dialogue is pointless. But it isn't.

It comes down to this. The left/right, Republican/Democrat paradigm is completely false. It's an artificial construct that serves the powers that be because it prevents communication. And as long as we continue to buy into it, nothing is ever going to change. The real line isn't drawn between red and blue in America. The real line is drawn with those who control the laws and the money on one side, and everyday Americans on the other side.

On our side, there's you and me. Average Americans of every stripe who are simply trying to get by and take care of our own loved ones. And we're only different on superficial levels. The things that we have in common, with regard to dreams and ambitions and priorities, are the things at our very cores. Across the line, on the other side, there are the politicians and lawyers and investors, the people who keep dividing up the pie between them with increasingly convoluted and indecipherable legislation. Those are the people we should be working against. Not each other.

God help those who hold our reigns if average Americans ever really turn and face them instead of bickering between us. Can you imagine how they'd feel if they knew we were onto them? Once that happens, there might be some real, positive change in this country. Until that day, the changes will be regular, and celebrated, and entirely cosmetic. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I don't really like Flying Dog's Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout. It has a dark chocolate body with orangish highlights, there's very little head or lace, just a smooth, dark surface. The aroma has a muted, kind of synthetic quality that I don't enjoy. There's a little bit of a chocolate quality to the smell, but it seems artificial. The flavor is a little tangy during the swallow, but it all remains fairly muted. Muted malt, dull, indistinct background character. Meh. No thanks.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Someone should be held accountable for Saranac IPA. It has a cloudy copper color with a brief head and a little lace. There just isn't any aroma to comment on. It has no smell. At least it doesn't stink, I guess. The flavor reminds me of a mixture of weak IPA, iced tea, and maybe a little cough syrup. I will avoid this beer from now on.

For starters, I have to apologize for another fuzzy picture. I gotta start checking to make sure I got a good pic before I dump the beverage down the hatch. And this one went down the hatch pretty quickly, because Sierra Nevada's Porter is delicious. Just delicious. For the money, this is just about the best porter out there. It has a chocolate colored body with a lot of spotty lace and a rich, slightly sweet aroma full of coffee notes, molasses, and malt. The flavor is just outstanding. All of the tones in the aroma are strong in the flavor, and there's a smokey, rich finish that just makes 12 ounces of this porter seem like nowhere near enough.

There is something a little off with Blue Point's Hoptical Illusion IPA. The body is a really clear, bright, golden color with only a bit of lace. The smell is a little unpleasant. There is a medicinal, astringent quality that dominates the smell, and raising the glass isn’t much fun. But the flavor is a little better. The strong, piney hops don’t completely cover a smooth background malt. Just take a deep breath before each sip and you can probably get through the bottle.

Shiner Hefeweizen isn't much to talk about. It has a cloudy, lemon yellow body with a thin, soapy head. The aroma is really subtle. There is a little citrus and hops, not much else. The flavor is fairly weak. There's a bit of pungent hops in the middle of the sip and a little citrus in the close, but not a lot else. This beer is not among Shiner's best and not a great example of the style.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I was surprised over the weekend to realize that I haven't added Sierra Nevada's basic pale ale to my collection of reviews. This beer is slightly hazy, golden peach color with some lace. There’s a bit of malt and hops in the aroma, but this stuff doesn’t hit the nose very hard. The flavor is still like comfort food after all this time. The malt is dominated by the spicy, tart cascade hops. Reliable.

I just drank a Yuengling Black And Tan because I felt like I ought to. It's chocolate colored body with no real head or lace to mention. There’s a bit of malt and a slight licorice note in the aroma. The flavor is more or less a weak porter. Watery, but a slightly smokey finish. It isn't awful.

Roanoke Railhouse's Switch Monkey is an OK Belgian. It has a cloudy, golden body with a head that leaves in a hurry. The aroma is mild. A little bit of spice, a little bit of an herbal/fruit kind of thing, too. The flavor is pretty mild. There’s a bit of citrus and hops, and the malt is buttery, but the finish is very watery and not very full. Not bad, but not something I’ll get again.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dogfish Head's My Antonia is a heavily hopped imperial pilsner, and it's tasty. I don't know if it would make fans of traditional pilsners overtly happy, but it has a lot to appeal to this IPA fan. The body is a cloudy yellow with a tremendous head. The aroma is heavy on floral and pine from the Nobel hops, and not a lot else. There is buttery malt in the flavor, but the hops are dominant and forward. I actually enjoyed this quite a bit, but I'd have enjoyed a good IPA as much or more.

Sierra Nevada is the most consistent of the big breweries, IMHO. Their Kellerweis Hefeweizen doesn't disappoint. It pours a clear lemon cream color with an average head. The aroma is like many hefeweizens tend to be; bananas, citrus, a bit of malt. The flavor is all of that, too. I thought there was a light but noticeable accent on the hops, too. The close was a bit grassy and bitter. I liked that. I’ll have this again this summer.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Magic Hat's Heart of Darkness Stout is pretty good, for a brewery I’m not wild about. The body is dark brown, there’s no real head. Just some lace, and not much of it. The aroma is very muted. There is some malt and coffee, but not much else. The flavor is a little better. Malty, rich, slightly spicy, burnt toast notes. a little chicory.

Friday, April 12, 2013

For starters, if I'd realized my pic was kinda fuzzy, I'd have snapped another before I finished the bottle. Too Kind Double IPA by Three Heads is OK. It pours very clear, golden, with a lot of carbonation and a small head. The aroma is mild. There’s some hops there for the nose,but not a lot. After the first taste I was surprised that this is billed as a "double" IPA. The hops here are as subtle and polite and any IPA I’ve had. Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo, my session IPA, is hoppier and stronger tasting. There is an 8+% ABV, however, so drink responsibly.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I've been trying these lower ABV, somewhat "light" session beers lately, and I finally found one I like. 21st Amendment's Bitter American has an edge before it's even cracked open, because it has a monkey in a space-suit, right there, right on the godamn can. I mean, look at it. It's a monkey. It's a by-god Monkey, and there it is, right on the can, kinda grinning and looking maybe a little bit drunk. I had to wonder if the monkey had to be inebriated in order to find the courage to make the space-walk, or if someone AFTER he got out into space he THEN got drunk. Either way, it's pretty awesome. I mean, it's a monkey, he's drunk, and he's out there in outer-space, right there on the godamn can.

Also, the beer tastes pretty good. It has more hops and a little more malt present in the flavor then the other session ales I've had lately. I won't buy it again, but I won't need to, because I'm keeping this can, so I can enjoy the monkey whenever I want to.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This stuff is working it's way into my fridge regularly. It's just damn good. Schneider Weisse Aventinus is really opening up the wheat-double-bock style for me, with a huge, rich malt that is very strong and rich in the aroma, and in the flavor. The other notes on the back of the tongue, like cloves, all-spice, plumbs, and pumpkin, really make this stuff super drinkable. And the crisp, light mouthfeel makes it go down really easy. So keep in mind that it's 8.2% ABV if you're gonna be knocking back more than one bottle.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Founders KBS is a bourbon barrel aged version of Breakfast Stout, and it's great. Delicious. Remarkable. It's jet black and pours with absolutely no head at all. The aroma is huge, simultaneous chocolate and vanilla and coffee. The flavor is very much like Founder's Breakfast, with an intense dark chocolate and coffee combination, but over and behind and around all of it is a rich bourbon quality that brings out walnuts and candied fruit and dark bread. There isn't much heat until after the swallow, when a little shows up on the exhale. I love this stout and I hope I can find it again.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA is flavored with maple, and it is really good. It pours a deep, hazy orange with a finger or so of head and a lot of lace. The aroma is malty and sweet. The maple is there in the aroma, and so are the hops. The maple isn’t a big presence in the flavor. Not enough to ruin it for me, anyway. The malt hits up front, and then the hops and sweetness together flood the mouth. The maple is there again in the finish, but not overly so. I really enjoyed this beer.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Friday night at Blue 5, Kay and I shared a Lost Rhino's Face Plant IPA. It isn't very good. It's kind of a blonde orange color with little head by the time it got to the table. The aroma is mild and the flavor is truly mild. It's all on the roof of the mouth and just implies hops and a vague malt. This was a frustrating beer. Kay found it accessible but very straight forward. She said that she understood why I was disappointed, given that it lacks all the qualities I enjoy in all my favorite IPAs.

Kay and I shared a flight at Blue 5 after dinner the other night. Left to right in the photo below:

Schneider Aventinus wheat bock. I've reviewed this before. I like it a lot. It's as fruity as a hefeweizen (IMHO) but has a big malt and a strong backbone, like a good American strong ale. Kay didn't enjoy it as much as the heffies she's enjoyed lately, mostly because it's so malt-forward. What I like about it is what she disliked.

Ommegang Gnomegang Belgian Strong Ale. I thought it tasted like a tripel. By the third sip I was loving it. It really fills the mouth, and it’s warm and strong. The carbonation is right up front, but it’s malty and rich and just delicious.Savory, even. Not a lot in the aroma to set it apart from other tripels, but the flavor is so enjoyable. Kay thought it was a little too hot.

Delirium Tremens Belgian strong ale by Brouwerij Huyghe. It was a little bright for my taste. There was a lemon/citrus thing in the close that I liked, and a lot of carbonation, but I always want something fuller than this from a Belgian. Not enough malt to suit me. Not enough everything. Kay liked it, she picked up on that citrus final note, but even while she liked it she didn't think she'd have another.

Blue Point's Sour Cherry Imperial Stout was just awful. I didn't like this at all. There was no mouthfeel at all. It was like water. There was no aroma, either, and the faint flavor was all up front. It was as mild and innocuous as Murphy's stout, but there was a faint, sour cherry presence that reminded me a little bit of those teddy-bear shaped cough drop lollipops that we used to get for my son when he was sick as a toddler. Kay said that the flavor was faint and forward and boring.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I just drank a Buffalo Bill's Orange Blossom Cream Ale. It pours like water. It’s noisy, it sounds like Sprite while pouring from all the carbonation. The aroma is kinda like stale piss. The flavor is totally mythological. As in, non-existent.

My growler is a Stone Brewery growler. At the moment it is full of Stone's Arrogant Bastard, which is especially amazing on tap. I'm drinking it from an Arrogant Bastard tumbler, and just for the hell of it, that tumbler is sitting on a Stone Brewery coaster.  STONECEPTION.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tonight I drank and enjoyed Straffe hendrik's Bruges Tripel Ale 9. It's kind of a cloudy lemon/orange with a big, crackling, foamy head. The aroma is spicy and fruity, lots of citrus and bananas. There’s more of that in the flavor, with a rich caramel malt and some heat from the 9% ABV. There is a ton of carbonation and this thing is really alive in the mouth. I liked it a whole lot.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dogfish Head's Bitches Brew has become one of my favorite stouts, and I wish it came out in 12 ounce bottles. If it did, I'd have it more frequently. This stout is rich, smooth, sweet and a bit smokey, but I don't know if Dogfish Head has associated it with the most appropriate of Miles Davis's work. Bitches Brew is a challenging, noisy, defiant, inaccessible album, in my opinion. This stout is dark and smoldering, like Kind of Blue. But it's also inviting and piquant like the best of the Plug Nickel sessions, and every bit as disarming as Birth of the Cool. Granted, I am no authority on Miles Davis and I'm hardly an expert on stouts. So your mileage may vary, but Bitches Brew is worth the trip.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I like Smuttynose Big A Imperial IPA a hell of a lot. It packs that punch that it's label promises. The body is cloudy and lemon/golden in color, there's a medium head, and a big aroma. Lots of pine and citrus hops, with a mild malt backing it all up. The flavor is deeply bitter. This thing can hang with the big boys, like Ruination and even Palate Wrecker. This is a serious IPA. I'll go back for seconds.

If you want an Arrogant Bastard, but you don't want to pay as much and you don't want to enjoy it as much, then Eye of the Hawk, an American Strong Ale by Mendocino Brewing Company, is for you. It pours copper red with less than a finger of head. The aroma is malt, caramel, a little bit of a pumpkin/squash kind of thing, too. The flavor is malt and alcohol. Malt liquor comes to mind. There’s a little hop in the finish. 8% ABV is apparent. If you’re looking to get smashed in a hurry this might be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something to sip and enjoy, well ... look elsewhere.