Sunday, March 17, 2013

I wish Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout were easier to find in my area because, damn. Of the 12 Dogfish Head brews I've tried, this thing is the champion. It's Jet black, and the brief head fades quickly, as you'd expect from something this big. The aroma is really great. It smells like dark but creamy chocolate, coffee notes with hazelnut and vanilla, caramel, something like bread pudding, too, and pumpkin pie. God, it smells good. I could sit and just smell it for a damn while. All of that is in the flavor, of course, but there’s also a booziness that isn’t surprising from 18% ABV. Plus there is more hop burn and tingle than I expected, big coffee on the finish, and a strong ABV punch on the exhale. When Dogfish Head gets it right, they get it completely right. This is exhibit A.

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