Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'd been reviewing beer on G+ for about a year before I started this blog, and there are a couple hundred beer reviews, complete with pictures, posted there. I'll continue reviewing beer on G+, as that particular corner of the internet provides me with a craft beer geek's community, and I enjoy the interactions there. But I'll also post my beer reviews here, at this blog. Craft beer is such a huge, beloved part of my life that I cannot imagine keeping a personal blog and not talking about the brews I love so much.

The seventh (and current, as of this writing) set of beer review/pictures kinda dovetails with this blog, there are beers reviewed here that are also reviewed there. That seventh set of reviews is here, nicely organized in a Picasa photo album. The remaining sets all contain reviews that will not be reproduced at this blog, and they are as follows:

Beer Review Photo Album No. 6
Beer Review Photo Album No. 5
Beer Review Photo Album No. 4
Beer Review Photo Album No. 3
Beer Review Photo Album No. 2
Beer Review Photo Album No. 1

In addition to that, I have a profile at, and try to remember to review every new beer I try there. You can click this link to see my all time favorite beers, beginning with the best of the best.

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