Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I don't even know how to review Old Rasputin Russian imperial stout anymore. I've reviewed it a few times. Sometimes I try to write about it objectively and other times I just fire off a quick love song. I'll try to hit a few highlights here:

  • Words that describe this beer objectively include dark, rich, viscous, strong, delicious, oily, inky, boozy, sweet ... raisins, nutmeg, espresso, dark bread, brownies, cocoa, cherries ... you get the idea.
  • I have to have this beer on a regular basis. I have to. Not really, really frequently, but regularly. I can go a couple of months between four-packs, but when the craving hits, nothing else works.
  • When someone says they like stout, my first question is, very simply, "Old Rasputin?" If they just respond with something like "Hell, yeah," then I know there's nothing else we need to say.
  • I have no idea what a four-pack of Old Rasputin costs at my local stores. I don't even look at the price-tag. I just pick it up and carry it to the counter. If the counter guy said something like "Are you aware the price of this has doubled?" ... I'd say "OK, and?"
  • Whenever I think I ought to stop drinking for a while, one of the first things that goes through my mind is that if I'm not drinking, I'm not drinking Old Rasputin. That's what I call a "reset thought."

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