Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Founders Imperial Stout

I have decided, based on a number of factors, that it makes sense to start posting my beer reviews here and then linking them at G+ and other sources. And that is what I intend to do here, and henceforth.

Founders is a damn fine brewery, and I'm not surprised that their Imperial Stout is a damn fine stout. It's a deep, dark black with a cherry/tan head that fades to nothing quickly, and the aroma is rich chocolate malts and a little alcohol vapor. The flavor is big and rich. There's baker's chocolate, but not as much chocolate as Founders Breakfast Stout. (This is no surprise. The chocolate presence in that Breakfast Stout is ridiculous. It's like being mouth raped by Willy Wonka.) There's more hop presence and more coffee, less cake than the Breakfast Stout, too. The biggest difference for me, though, is the alcohol presence. This stuff is 10%, Breakfast Stout is a little over 8%, and the impact in the flavor, IMHO, is astounding. I recommend this one as enthusiastically as the other, but this one I'd not necessarily save for dessert.

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