Friday, January 18, 2013

I didn't post for a few days, but for good reasons. Kay and I managed to get out of town for a little trip with no kids, no family competing for attention, no work, no distractions. Just treasured time with her ... oh, with a little out patient surgery and a blizzard in the middle to keep things interesting.

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in '07, and I had surgery several times to have the cancerous mass removed a little bit at a time. As of January 2010 I've been officially cancer free, but I go back to have my bladder checked once a year, just to be sure the cancer hasn't come back. Because of the nature of my situation I have to have general anesthesia to have the procedure done, and I can't drive afterwards. Kay and I drove to the hospital at UVA on Wednesday for my surgery pre-screening, with my surgery scheduled for Thursday morning. Wednesday night we managed to have a nice meal at a funky little boho restaurant that doesn't even have a kids menu. Afterwards we did a little shopping and just generally enjoyed each other's company. Having her all to myself was a rare treat that I didn't take for granted for a second.

Thursday morning I had my surgery, and all went well. I won't know for sure until my urologist gets the results of the biopsy, but she told me it looks like my cancer is still in remission. That's exactly what I expected to hear, it's been years since I've had symptoms of the cancer I had before.

After my procedure we headed toward home, but a severe winter storm closed highways and interstates, forcing us to find a hotel and kill yet another evening without Nickelodeon or X-Box or Facebook or electric guitar or Star Wars video games. (That's not entirely true; my son did send me a message to let me know that his new Star Wars video game plays well on his laptop, but other than that the evening was completely devoid of anything related to George Lucas.) With all other options for entertainment closed by the snow and ice, Kay and I had no choice but entertain each other with conversation. It was one of the best evenings I can remember, and she kinda implied that she found it tolerable, too. Today we returned to our home town, and our homes, and our kids, and the rest of our lives.

I'll get back to the blogging I intended to do this year tomorrow, probably with another post that amounts to little more than a protracted fart joke. In the meantime I'm tired and still kind of buzzed from the last couple of days. I had no idea that this woman actually existed. These last few days with her are already among my favorite memories. I've found a wonderful, beautiful woman who genuinely seems to like me exactly the way I am. She doesn't want to mold me into something "more," she doesn't see me as a fixer-upper, she doesn't find any of my interests or passions juvenile or annoying. Well, at least not overly so. She doesn't need me, either. She just seems to genuinely want to spend time with me. I'm still not sure I'm not dreaming this, or maybe being punk'd. But, regardless, at the moment I'm one happy sumbich.